Review: On The Edge

Oct •  30 •  2014

I received this book for free from FTC: Exchange for honest opinion, Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: On The EdgeOn The Edge by Allison van Diepen
Series: Stand Alone
Published by HarperCollins on November 25th 2014
Genres: Young Adult-Contemporary/Romance
Source: FTC: Exchange for honest opinion, Publisher

From Allison van Diepen, author of Snitch and Street Pharm, comes a sexy, dangerous novel about a teen who witnesses a murder and gets caught up in the seedy world of Miami’s gangs.

Maddie Diaz never should have taken that shortcut through the park. If she hadn't, she wouldn't have seen two members of the Reyes gang attacking a homeless man. Now, as the only witness, she knows there’s a target on her back.

But when the Reyes jump her on the street, Maddie is protected by a second gang and their secretive leader, Lobo, who is determined to take down the Reyes himself. Lobo is mysterious and passionate, and Maddie begins to fall for him. But when they live this close to the edge, can their love survive?

On the Edge is a compelling story about fighting for what’s right and figuring out where you belong. The novel showcases a gritty, realistic voice and earth–shattering romance that will intrigue readers of Simone Elkeles and Paul Griffin and captivate fans of Allison van Diepen's other novels.

This book really took me away. I was expecting a romance story (based on the cover) and instead got this deep story of love and war.

Plot: This is a really good story. So it starts off as this hard working girl, is walking home then witnessing a crime. That crime that she witnessed has gotten her into trouble with local gangs. I think the whole mix up with gangs gives the story a much more realistic feel. It was such a simple story that with the turn of events brings it life.

Street Gangs: If you ever lived in a rural/downtown area then you might be familiar with how powerful those gangs can be. When Maddie gets beat up by a rival gang, she get rescued by another. I think the whole mystery of who saved her and why, gives the reader a better story. For me, the mystery had me reader faster and wanting to know who exactly is her mystery hero.

Love: OMG! I have to admit that I totally let myself get caught up in this book and the mystery man. I fell for the sneaky kisses, looking over the shoulder, finding any clues as to who this guy is. And once I knew, boy did I swoon!

Ending: It wasn’t a totally happily ever after but it did carry some of it. There was rush of action and adrenaline throwing the reader into a whirlwind of street violence. It showcase how dangerous it can be for people who get mixed up with the wring crowd.

On The Edge is a great story that if you let it, can be swept away in. I adored the action mixed with love.

I give it 4 BITES!


Happy Reading!


  1. This is book is so up my alley! I’ve actually read most of the books Ms. Van Diepen wrote and really enjoyed them. Thanks for putting this one on my radar!

  2. Jen @ YA Romantics
    Oct 30, 2014

    Wow, I didn’t know what this was about at all. Like an updated West Side Story, kind of…
    Glad you enjoyed this and thanks for putting it on my radar 🙂
    Jen @ YA Romantics

  3. Candace
    Oct 30, 2014

    This actually sounds really good! I hadn’t heard of it before but now I want to read it!

  4. I haven’t heard of this one before. I love your love of this book and so I need to check it out!

  5. Jenny
    Oct 31, 2014

    Ooo I like the sound of this Savy! Except for the ending which makes me a little nervous. I like a solid HEA by the time I reach the last page, but overall I’m excited to try this!

  6. Giselle
    Nov 1, 2014

    Ooh I actually plan to start this one this weekend and I’m excited to get into it! Sounds like my kind of read! 🙂

  7. Kate @ Ex Libris
    Nov 1, 2014

    Huh. I thought it was a romance, too, based on the cover. I’ll have to check this one out since it seems like it’s a lot more than boy meets girl!

  8. Based on your review, I think I’ll check it out when it comes out! Awesome review 🙂
    Book Maniac Reviews