Review: Nightlight A Parody

Jun •  21 •  2010


Now this book had me in laughing fits!

I picked up this book looking for a great laugh and boy did I get it. We meet Belle Goose, who leaves her mother and her new stepdad Bill to move to Switchblade,Oregon with her father Jim. Who by was is a window-wiper. LOL. She goes to school and meets Edwart Mullen who is completely oblivious to Belle. He doesn’t even like her. Belle falls a lot and into big things. She drives a U-HAUL truck to school taking up two parking spaces! I totally want to say more but I am afraid I will ruined it for those who want to read it. This book is a great read. It kept me laughing all day. My favorite part was when Belle added information to the wiki search she did on vampires:


“Then I thought, why don’t I share my knowledge with the world? I sat back down at the computer and went to the vampire Wikipedia page. I added a sentence to the article: “Edwart Mullen of Switchblade, Oregon, is a vampire, but don’t kill him because I love him!” Then I added a picture of Edwart’s abs.”

LOL! Seriously?


Also it’s a small book. It didn’t take me more than an hour to read. As I did chores throughout the house, I kept thinking about what happen in the book and I would crack up. At one point, my husband found me laughing over the kitchen sink doing dishes and asked me “whats so funny” and I couldn’t tell him because I couldn’t breathe! He just shook his head at me and walked away. If your a fan of the Twilight series, this is a book you will enjoy.

Happy Reading!