Review: Hung Up

Jun •  30 •  2014

I received this book for free from Edelweiss, FTC: Exchange for honest opinion, Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: Hung UpHung Up by Kristen Tracey
Series: Stand Alone
Published by Simon Pulse on March 4th 2014
Genres: Young Adult-Contemporary/Romance
Source: Edelweiss, FTC: Exchange for honest opinion, Publisher

Can you fall in love with a voice? This witty romance, told entirely through phone calls, chronicles the tale of a wrong number gone right.

It all started with a wrong number. The voicemails Lucy left on James’s phone were meant for someone else—someone who used to have James’s digits. But then when James finally answers and the two start to talk, a unique bond forms between the two teens.

Gradually Lucy and James begin to understand each other on a deeper level than anyone else in their lives. But when James wants to meet in person, Lucy is strangely resistant. And when her secret is revealed, he’ll understand why…

I read this book while flying and found it to be pretty entertaining. I never given much thought to ever meeting someone over the phone, then again, I did speak to my husband on the phone for months before I actually met him in person so I connected well to the story.

Plot: This is about a girl who meets this guy placing an order. Over the course of their telephone calls they become closer and closer, eventually falling in love. I love that plot goes much deeper than your typical dating couple. They actually had long, deep conversations about subjects before even meeting. For me, that is much better than flirting or talking nonsense. They actually really got to know each other. The plot moves at a great pace, taking the reader back into the past and moving into the future.

Deep Talks: This is the aspect I enjoyed the most. I’m not sure if it is just cause I’m a girl and love to talk but I loved their deep emotional talks. They talked about how the past haunts them, what they want in their future, even things that are going on now in their lives. It’s really touching how even though they never met, the are they for each other in other ways that most couples are not.

Ending: Over course after talking over the phone, emails and texts through out most of the book, your probably wondering if their going to meet. The answer yes and not till the end. Believe me when I say that them meeting for the first time is amazing. I smiled ear to ear on those last couple of pages. It was so worth the read.

This is a great emotional story that carries a new meaning to relationships. Its not founded on looks or lust but really who the person really is. Hung Up is an great story.

I give it 4 BITES!


Happy Reading!


  1. This looks like a cute book! I’m surprised they did it all by phone at first! 🙂

  2. Giselle
    Jun 30, 2014

    Aww this sounds like such a heartfelt read and I also think I’d love the deep conversations they seem to have. That’s how people bond and get to know the real you, you know. I’ll def. keep this one in mind for a cute summer read! 🙂

  3. Wendy Darling
    Jul 1, 2014

    Aw, this sounds adorable! It reminds me of a YA book I read a long time ago called PHONE CALLS, so I’m going to have to look this one up.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  4. Kate @ Ex Libris
    Jul 2, 2014

    This looks like a fun book for summer!

  5. Candace
    Jul 3, 2014

    I have a copy of this one and thought it sounded fun. I’m glad there’s a bit more depth to it too!