Review: Fragile Reign

Mar •  25 •  2015
Review: Fragile ReignFragile Reign by Stacey O'Neale
Published by Phoenix Reign Publishing on March 25, 2015
Genres: Young Adult -Fantasy
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It’s been a week since all hell broke loose…

Rumors of King Taron’s weakened powers have left the air court vulnerable. Kalin is desperate to awaken her akasha powers, except she doesn’t know how. Tension within the court is at an all-time high. Pressure is mounting for her to ascend to the throne, but a halfling has never ruled over any court. To solidify her position, the council has advised her to marry Sebastian—a high ranking air elemental she’s never met and her betrothed.

Will Kalin sacrifice her relationship with Rowan to strengthen her court?

Rowan and Marcus return to a fire court in turmoil. Liana’s death has fueled the fire elementals’ distrust against the air and woodland courts. The unbalanced elements have set off natural disasters all over the mortal world. Rowan takes the throne to restore balance, promising to unite the fire court. But not all elementals are happy with his leadership. Many are secretly loyal to Valac, which means Rowan needs to find allies for his cause.

Can Rowan unify the court of fire before the elements destroy the world?

Stacey did it again. I was pulled different ways with her first two books and the thought of having the next book in my hands is just amazing. I could not put down this book and I am so excited to see where this book is going.

Split Perspectives that is what caught my attention. I cannot express how much I love when authors do spilt perspectives. I feel that this is a skill that authors must practice and develop to make sure that it comes out perfectly. For Stacey it worked. The chapters flowed and we were able to see what was going on from all perspectives. I feel that seeing the book from all sides gives more to the reader.

I saw the betrayal coming but I still loved reading to see when it would come. I mean people would be insane to give up the chance of power but he had what happened coming. Kalin is growing up to being a young lady and with her powers growing, the truth of her role coming to a reality and a war on the horizon she must make choices that will affect the world of Avalon. Rowan is the new leader of the Fire Elementals and there are steps he must take in returning things to normal and he must confront a person from the past that will stop at nothing to take him down.

The love in the story is one that is looked down upon but I am all for the rebelling. I am curious to see where it goes in the next book and to see if there are any bumps in the road.

Overall I fell in love once more. I am excited to see where the next book goes, how the characters find a solution. Stacey O’Neale writes an epic fantasy that will surely leave you wanting you more.

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  1. Jenny
    Mar 25, 2015

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about this series, I really need to make time for it! Its’ been on my list a while and I know it’s right up my alley, there just sometimes aren’t enough hours in the day!

    • Stacey O'Neale
      Mar 28, 2015

      If you’re interested, THE SHADOW PRINCE is FREE on Amazon and B&N. 🙂

  2. Oh glad you enjoyed this one too. I’m really going to have to start this series. Brilly review!

    • Stacey O'Neale
      Mar 28, 2015

      If you’re interested, THE SHADOW PRINCE is FREE on Amazon and B&N. 🙂

  3. Stacey O'Neale
    Mar 28, 2015

    Thanks for the awesome review, Chayse! Are you going to RT Booklovers Convention or UTopYA this year? If so, come say hi to me! I’d love to meet you. 🙂