Review: Clarity

Aug •  10 •  2011
Review: ClarityClarity by Kim Harrington
Published by Scholastic Point on March 1st 2011
Genres: Young Adult- Fantasy/ Paranormal
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"When you can see things others can't, where do you look for the truth?
This paranormal murder mystery will have teens reading on the edge of their seats.
Clarity "Clare" Fern sees things. Things no one else can see. Things like stolen kisses and long-buried secrets. All she has to do is touch a certain object, and the visions come to her. It's a gift.
And a curse.
When a teenage girl is found murdered, Clare's ex-boyfriend wants her to help solve the case - but Clare is still furious at the cheating jerk. Then Clare's brother - who has supernatural gifts of his own - becomes the prime suspect, and Clare can no longer look away. Teaming up with Gabriel, the smoldering son of the new detective, Clare must venture into the depths of fear, revenge, and lust in order to track the killer. But will her sight fail her just when she needs it most?"


As soon as I started this book I knew I was in trouble. I loved a good book filled with drama along with a good mysterious, solve the puzzle story. This book is just that.
The characters of this book Wow’ed me. I loved that not only were they well develop, but love it even more when learn and grow in front of your eyes. As the reader, I felt in-tune with the characters following them along solving the mystery of the murders. Ms. Harrington did a great job in creating a good story line as well as a great mystery. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy figuring out who the killer is. It’s like playing my favorite game of Clue!!
The plot line of this book had some great drama in it as well. I like that the murders revolved around the family so closely. This “special” family doesn’t hide who they are but embraces it. I like the feel of the family. They are one. They trust each other. Ms. Harrington wrote a great family aspect to the book, as always being there for each other no matter what. Simply fantastic!
The love interest in this book had me excited! I love a good love triangle (as long as it is done right). The reason I enjoyed this love triangle is cause right from the beginning you learn about betrayals and the love that still stands there. I stand by Clarity and her decision. Though I can see how difficult it can be. Ms. Harrington didn’t write up a love with no problems, inst-love or whatnot. She wrote about a real relationship with real problems. I adore this cause anyone can relate to it.
A wonderful work of literature, Ms Harrington’s book is a book I should’ve picked up sooner. The book contain great elements such a suspense, a murder mystery, and a love that may or may no be over. I can’t wait to read the next adventure of Clarity and her family!
I give it 5 BITES!
Happy Reading!


  1. YAY! I am so glad you enjoyed this! I adore this book too. I like the love triangle as well and the fact that I can’t pick between the two. Great review Savy.

  2. Anna
    Aug 10, 2011

    I’m so glad you liked Clarity so much!It’s one of my favorite books also this year!
    Great review 🙂

  3. Loved this book too and I can’t wait to see how this love triangle turns out! Can’t wait for Perception! 🙂

  4. Two Readers Reviews
    Aug 10, 2011

    I absolutely adored this book as well! I really liked the fact that it had me accusing everyone!

  5. Savannah
    Aug 10, 2011

    @Nic, YES! I love the love triangle!

    @Anna, Girl I was hooked from page one!

    @Leanna, I need the next book now!

    @Two readers, Yup, me too!

  6. YA Book Queen
    Aug 10, 2011

    This book was definitely such fun when it came to guessing the killer, I never quite knew who it was until the end 😉

    Fabulous review!

  7. Oh sweet! I have this book on my tbr and haven’t been able to get to it yet. I’m so glad you loved this one. Just means that I need to try to get to it quicker!

  8. Denise Z
    Aug 11, 2011

    I have been curious about this one for a while. Thanks for sharing.

  9. bumpsintheroadblog
    Aug 13, 2011

    I have this one on my MASSIVE overflowing bookcase…Now it’s been moved up to the top of the reading list 🙂 Great review!

    P.S. I’m with you…I love a good love triangle if it’s done correctly. 🙂