Review: Ashes Of Twilight

Mar •  8 •  2013

There is something about not being able to step out into a world that is lost. Why can’t you go outside the wall? What’s out there that is so scary? And why is the sky….blue?

Dude! Totally loved this story. From the very first paragraph I’m wanting to explore the possibility of going outside the dome. The plot keeps my feet tightly in the story, never wavering or leaving me behind. I love that it felt so easy for me to read and love. Each chapter the burning phrase,” the sky is blue” made me want to run. Run and break every single rule just to see the truth in those words. So I followed Wren. Step right into her shoes helping her break every rule, hide the one person with answers and fall in love.

The love interest is not who I thought it be but I totally loved it anyway. I like that this unexpected love, gave Wren the strength to do what she needed to do. He was a guidance to her and fell in love with her. These two were complete strangers to each other and in the end they had the most loyal love.

The ending of the book is AWESOME! I simply loved the discovery that I had to re-read the paragraph over and over again!

Ashes Of Twilight combines a great romance with a discovery of a lifetime! Stunning and ultimately, awesome, Ashes Of Twilight is thrilling!

I give it 5 BITES!


Happy Reading!


  1. Amy
    Mar 8, 2013

    This does sound like a really awesome book. I have it, I just haven’t gotten around to reading it yet.

  2. I have wanted to read this book ever since I saw the cover. So glad it lives up to it and I want to read that last paragraph!

  3. Bookworm Brandee
    Mar 8, 2013

    Wow! Your review has my curiosity piqued for sure! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it so much!

  4. I tried this one, and it just wasn’t for me. Then I sent it to Amy — two comments up, no lie 😉
    But the fact that you liked it so much almost makes me want to try again…

    Jen @ YA Romantics