Review: Wild Awake + Giveaway!

May •  18 •  2013

Wanting something different, I decided to read this book. It raw and real with so many changes that it takes you into a story that is crazy, beautiful.

1. Plot. If you got a call regarding your dead sister about her stuff and life, what would you do? Kiri sets out to find out what was hidden from her. I knew the moment she got the call she was headed down a road she never journeyed before. Heck, I would too. I think the plot alone was done well… still sometimes it left you feeling lost since there is so much going on at one time.

2. Characters. Kiri is a great character. She takes charge in searching out answers she been longing to hear. Her growth throughout the book is amazing. She takes chances on things she never done along with finding a new love she never thought she find.

3. Love. I really loved this part of the book. After going through so much, Kiri makes a new friend who in the end helps her as she helps him. It was like they both needed each other in order to go where they needed to go.

4. Crazy & Beautiful. My only gripe about the book is that it seems to go from one extreme to another. It jumps so much that some parts are crazy. Then the author writes something so that the reader understand the characters actions and its beautiful.

5. Coming Of Age. This is good coming of age story. It’s raw and heartfelt. Taking it to a whole new level, this story captures the reader with great writing.

Wild Awake is a satisfying story, taking the reader for a great plot of love and truth.  Loaded with drama, it steals the reader with crazy emotions that are like a roller coaster. Alluring and wildly entertaining, Wild Awake is honorable.

I give it 3 BITES!




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  1. Jen @ YA Romantics
    May 19, 2013

    I think I would like this one — thanks for the great review and giveaway 🙂

  2. Amy @ Book Loving Mom
    May 20, 2013

    I’m reading this one now and I think it’s pretty good. Kiri is a bit on the crazy side, but I am enjoying it. Fab review!!

  3. You had me at Crazy and Beautiful! Seriously… that just amped up my curiosity. I love the way you talk about the author’s writing as well. Do think I have to try this one. 🙂