Review: Undercurrent

Apr •  15 •  2014
Review: UndercurrentUndercurrent by Tricia Rayburn
Series: Siren # 2
Published by EgmontUSA on July 12th 2011
Genres: Young Adult- Supernatural/Paranormal
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The sirens are back, but Vanessa may be the biggest threat of all. . . .
Nothing has been normal since Vanessa Sands learned that her sister was murdered by sirens—femme fatales of the watery depths—and that everything she believed about her family was a lie.

Her boyfriend Simon’s been the only person Vanessa feels she can really trust. But now there are some secrets she can’t tell even him. And when Vanessa finds herself in the sights of Parker, Hawthorne Prep’s resident charmer, she needs someone to confide in more than ever. Doubting her relationship with Simon, unsure of Parker’s intentions—and of her own—and terrified by what she’s learned about herself, Vanessa has never felt so alone.

But personal problems must be put aside, because the Winter Harbor sirens are back for revenge. Now, Vanessa must face her past and accept that she is just like her enemies—every bit as alluring, every bit as dangerous.

The eagerly anticipated second novel of the Siren trilogy, Undercurrent is a seductive paranormal romance that will leave you breathless.

I finally picked up the next book. I read the last book and I really enjoyed it.

Plot: This story follows what happen after the last book. So I recommend that you read the first book. Vanessa is learning the truth behind her parents and her birth. The plot moves at a steady pace that gives the reader time to piece things together. There is plenty of drama created so the reader is always entertained if not by sirens then by secrets that Vanessa uncovers.

Love/Friendship: I’m so sad with the way it went down. In fact, I was so upset about their situation that I immediately bought the last book off of Amazon because I needed to know ASPA! I’m glad to inform you all that the book is in my hands and I do plan on finishing it soon.

Ending: The ending is bittersweet yet not the end. Many secrets are uncovered and more fights are to be fought. I know (and hope) that Vanessa can find the strength to fight back for what she lost.

Undercurrent is a great read that riles up the readers emotions. Be prepared to have your heart ripped out and stomped on. Strong and enjoyable, Undercurrent is great.

I give it 4 BITES!

Happy Reading!


  1. Love the cover for this one. Haven’t heard of this series before but you saying that I need to prepare to have my heart ripped out and stomped on definitely has me intrigued. I have a love/hate relationship with books like that!

    • Savannah
      Apr 15, 2014

      I felt so sad at the end. Like, “WHAT?!?! WHY???” I bought the third book and it recently came in. I’m hoping that my heart can be put back together again.

  2. Giselle
    Apr 15, 2014

    oh this cover is so pretty! I haven’t read the first one but it sounds like a series worth reading. I like that it doesn’t seem to have a cliffhanger which is a refreshing change from series I’ve read lately!

  3. Jen @ YA Romantics
    Apr 15, 2014

    Love that you’ve been reading some older stuff. I think. I read the first book way back. Hope you enjoy the third book 🙂

  4. Jenny
    Apr 16, 2014

    I read the first book and enjoyed it overall as well Savy, though your comments about the relationship in this second installment make me really nervous! I think I’ll wait until you review book three before I decide whether or not I’ll continue the series:)

  5. Candace
    Apr 17, 2014

    I haven’t had much desire to read this series, but I’m glad you enjoyed it!