Review: This Strange and Familiar Place

Aug •  24 •  2013

I received this book for free from FTC: Exchange for honest opinion, Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: This Strange and Familiar PlaceThis Strange and Familiar Place by Rachel Carter
Published by HarperTeen on July 2nd 2013
Genres: Young Adult-Science Fiction/Fantasy
Source: FTC: Exchange for honest opinion, Publisher
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These are the things of which Lydia is now certain:

The Montauk Project has been experimenting with time travel for years.

The Project's subjects are "recruits" from across time, recruits like Wes, Lydia's ally, friend, and love.

The Project is now responsible for the disappearance of two members of her family...

The conspiracy theorists were right about the Montauk Project all along. In this sequel to So Close to You, they're coming for Lydia next...

Super excited for the sequel, this book left me in wonder in what exactly is going on!!

Plot: Traveling back in time to fight a war that has long started with her family, Lydia’s time is running out quickly. She is once again, on the run and in hiding. She is time traveling trying to piece together what her grandpa did. I really love that with each chapter, Lydia is finding more and more answers. She is asking the right questions which unfortunately for her,  is causing people to look at her. She is calling way to much attention to herself and I knew, just knew certain things would happen.

Love: I loved how this love progressed. These two need each other in every single thing that they do. They do try to fight it, to try to get on with their lives. It seemed that as though no matter what Lydia did, it always comes back to her. Wes is great character who pulls through for Lydia during tough times. He had me smitten for him until…

Ending: *Jaw Drops* What. The. Heck. No seriously. Back up and rewind. Whattttt? I thought I had read that last few chapters wrong or something.  It really happen. And therefore not only I’m I slightly confused but really intrigued as to what will be reveal to the reader in the next book. Consider me hooked!

Another fabulous tale, written well with plenty of action and time-travel, this book is awesome. I don’t think I ever spent so much time thinking about a book afterward. It certainly had a touch to it that leave me wanting more. Creative with a gut wrenching ending, This Strange and Familiar Place is an excellent addition.

I give it 4 BITES!


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  1. I’ve never heard of this series but I love time traveling science fiction novels. And there’s a huge what the heck moment at the end? Sounds like my kind of book! Don’t you just love books that haunt you for hours afterwards? Those are some of the best books out there, in my opinion. The author knows what she’s doing, apparently! The worst part is having to wait for the next book. Oh, and I really like that cover! Great review, girl 🙂