Review: Tempest

Dec •  26 •  2013

I received this book for free from Author, FTC: Exchange for honest opinion in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: TempestTempest by Jenna-Lynne Duncan
Published by Self-Published on November 23rd 2012
Genres: Young Adult -Fantasy
Source: Author, FTC: Exchange for honest opinion
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Hayden Boudreaux couldn't decide which was worse— that he was falling in love with a mortal or that the only way to break his family's centuries-old curse would be to kill her. Of all that he was certain was the more time he spent with her, the more he knew he would do anything to protect Adriana Alexander, including sacrificing his eternity. What he wouldn't expect was that Luke - his brother that hated Ana, who wanted to kill her - would decide he would want her as his own.

I read the first book Hurricane and enjoy it. This is a novella, so it goes back before Hurricane following events that lead up to it. It’s also has much more information on both guys.

Plot: If you have read Hurricane then you will certainly enjoy this. It’s gives plenty of more insight on emotions and thoughts from all the characters. I really enjoyed being in Hayden’s mind and seeing what he is thinking for once. A little more history is explained on Hayden and exactly what he is dealing with.

Ending: Pretty much, this story covers plots and stuff left out in Hurricane that you might of miss. It also carries plenty of drama, (fights/arguments between Hayden and his brother) of course, so its keeps the reader entertained. It’s also short, so any reader can finish this pretty fast.

Bottomline: It’s good. I finished this book fairly fast and feel quickly back into the story as if I never left.  If you read Hurricane, I would say you can read this, but you don’t really need to. Though, there are a few tidbits exposed that you may want to know. For a first time reader, this story is good start to a series if you interested in it.

I give it 4 BITES!


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  1. Mary @ BookSwarm
    Dec 26, 2013

    I like the novellas that add to an original story. I don’t think this is one I’ll read on its own, though, just because I haven’t read the novel (Yet? Maybe.).

  2. Kate @ Ex Libris
    Dec 26, 2013

    I haven’t heard of this series but it looks really interesting!

  3. Candace
    Dec 30, 2013

    It sounds like I need to look up the first book!