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Jul •  16 •  2015
Review: StrikeStrike by D.J. Machale
Published by Razorbill on July 16, 2015
Genres: Young Adult- Dystopian/Post Apocalyptic
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Once again, Tucker Pierce and friends must fight for their lives against the better-equipped SYLO. All bets are off inStrike—with twists so big readers will never see them coming—while the action and pulse-pounding suspense remain as high as ever.

D.J. MacHale comes back striking in his third and final installment of the SYLO triology and man was I happy to get my hands on this book. The first two books blew me away and with a cliffhanger at the end of the second, I knew I needed this book and now.

I have followed this author with one of his other series and I should have known that he would do some major twist at the end. I was so shocked but then I thought about whose book I was reading. I know how the ending is usually brought up at the end of the review but it was seriously the best part of the book that I needed to talk about it now. I am going to admit that I did tear up a bit so just be ready.

We continue where we left off after the second book and right from the beginning we are immediately given some action to get us on our toes. Tucker, Tori, and Kent as well as Tucker’s mom and other soldiers are then separated and Tucker is sent into this camp where he must find them before it is too late.

I literally felt that this camp that they were in was similar to that of a concentration camp however, this one did seem to be a little nicer, just a tad bit. I felt that when we are given the information how there are numbers printed on their uniforms the camps and the Holocaust came popping into my head.

There are so many twists and secrets that are revealed and that that take place in this novel that it will literally shock the reader. Every chapter I kept thinking what else could this author think of doing and there he went. People who you thought were dead are not but there are people who die.

This book was what I wanted and so much more. I am really glad that I had the chance of picking up this new series and I am anxiously waiting to see what other books this author will produce. An action packed success.

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  1. Oh nice! Glad you enjoyed it. It does sound thrilling!