Review: Unleashed

Jun •  19 •  2010

This book took me a while to read mostly because it disturbed me. By that I mean, it has way too much drugs, sex, and foul language for a YA book. While the plot and writing was good, it was not my cup of tea.

 The book starts off with Daniel and his friends. Daniel is the “shooting star.” He rules the school. Typical jock with a good head on his shoulders. Then he meets Misty. He is intrigued by her and wants to know her more. I find that Daniel’s character is really, I mean really indecisive. At times, I wanted to slap him across the head for him to make a decision already. Daniel wants to bad, then good, bad, then good. And while he is trying to make up his mind, he hurts other people in the process. IE, His parents, loses his girlfriend, he’s friends, etc.

 They shift into wolves by eating mushrooms they find at an abandon plant. (Yes, I know. I  thought that maybe they weren’t really turning into wolves, they are just tripping really badly.) But indeed this mushroom allowed them to change. They go through typical teenage problems. Daniel had a good life, while Misty was raised in a rough one. They fight and rumble amongst other stuff.

In the end, Daniel saves the day yet again. He rushes to find the pack and stops them from making a really bad mistake.

Kristopher Reisz wrote a good book. Although I  think the book might have been just as interesting without all the other junk. Nonetheless, this book had a different storyline then most werewolve books. I wouldn’t recommend it for any young reader to read this.


Happy Reading!