Review: Impostor

May •  22 •  2013
Review: ImpostorImposter by Jill Hathaway
Series: Slide # 2
Published by Balzer + Bray on March 26th 2013
Genres: New Adult-Paranormal/Fantasy
Source: FTC: Exchange for honest opinion, Publisher
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What if a killer took control of you?

Vee Bell’s gift (or curse) of “sliding”—slipping into the mind of another person and experiencing life, briefly, through his or her eyes—has been somewhat under control since she unwillingly witnessed the horrific deaths of her classmates six months ago.

But just as things are getting back to normal, Vee has a very bizarre experience: she loses consciousness and finds herself in a deserted area, at the edge of a cliff, with the broken body of the boy who took advantage of her on the rocks below.

As Vee finds herself in stranger and stranger situations with no memory of getting there, she begins to suspect that someone she knows has the ability to slide—and that this “slider” is using Vee to exact revenge on his or her enemies.

Since I really enjoyed the first book, there was no doubt in my mind that I had to read the sequel. And folks, it was great!

1. Relationship Strain. Call me a sadist but I love it when their is a strain in the relationship. It makes the relationship more realistic and not to mention it gives me anxiety. Really, butterflies in my tummy. All I can think is,”OMG! What will happen? Is he really cheating on her? Is it over?” And yup, every part between these two only drew me in deeper into the story.

2. Plot. Plot was good. I think with the whole sliding aspect, there is much you can do with it.  There are plenty of unexpected twists and turns that make the book interesting. There are even new characters that bring strain to the plot as well.

3. New Powers. Well, there’s not necessarily new powers but rather new people that have the same power as Vee. I really like and hope that in the future books, Vee will be able to get more answers as to what she can do.

4. Mystery.The mystery aspect to the novel is a great part that any reader can enjoy. With drama in school and figuring out who murder the person, really takes the reader for a good read. At the end, I NEVER expected it to be that person. So yes, that took me totally bhy surprise.

5. Writing. The writing is awesome. It so easy to read and enjoy. Your not straining your mind to figure out the plot cause the author makes it flow so easily. Instead, you can sit back and enjoy you mystery with great expectations.

Impostor is great addition. Solid and defining, Impostor thrills the reader. A continuation of  action and mystery, Impostor is awesome.

I give it 4 BITES!


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  1. Amy @ Book Loving Mom
    May 22, 2013

    I didn’t read the first one, but this series does sound really good. I am always up for a good mystery.

    • Savannah
      May 22, 2013

      You should totally read the books. They are short so it doesn’t take long to get to the mystery.

  2. I’ve been curious about this one and especially the first. Savy you always find books I want to try!