Review: Impostor

Jul •  3 •  2013
Review: ImpostorImpostor by Susanne Winnacker
Published by Razorbill on May 28th 2013
Genres: Young Adult- Fantasy/ Paranormal
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Can Tessa pose as Madison . . . and stop a killer before it’s too late? 

Tessa is a Variant, able to absorb the DNA of anyone she touches and mimic their appearance. Shunned by her family, she’s spent the last two years training with the Forces with Extraordinary Abilities, a secret branch of the FBI. When a serial killer rocks a small town in Oregon, Tessa is given a mission: she must impersonate Madison, a local teen, to find the killer before he strikes again.

Tessa hates everything about being an impostor—the stress, the danger, the deceit—but loves playing the role of a normal girl. As Madison, she finds friends, romance, and the kind of loving family she’d do anything to keep. Amid action, suspense, and a ticking clock, this super-human comes to a very human conclusion: even a girl who can look like anyone struggles the most with being herself.

Ms. Winnacker is quickly becoming my favorite author.  I went into this book expecting a typical YA story and instead I got something much deeper. It came with secrets, calculated plots with lots of twist and deaths.

Plot: You know a plot is written well when your reading it and all of sudden you have to put the book down cause of the nerves that are racking up your system.  The plot is done well you actually feel like you are in the story, experiencing every moment in Tessa shoes. Each chapter builds up nicely to another, leading up to an amazing ending.

Love: Can this relationship be any more complicated? It’s not a love triangle with a guy. More like the guy can’t pick a girl. GAH! It really made my heart race and want to scream! It made me happy then sad. Nervous then excited. Basically, I felt like a teen and with that said, the author clearly got her point across well.

Variants: I totally love this idea. To be able to mimic another persons DNA by just touching them. Imagine Mystic from X-men, but in teen form. And she is posing as s girl trying to stop the killer. All the while she is dealing with keeping her form, living with a family, and going to school. I think everything weaved well and left me totally excited for the next book.

Cleverly packed with a stunning plot, Impostor is brilliant. Not predictable, but giving the reader exactly what they need… a fresh new story that leaves you on a threshold for more. A vibrant read that is unique and creative, Impostor rules.

I give it 5 BITES!


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  1. Jenny
    Jul 3, 2013

    YEAH SAVY!!!! I absolutely adored this book as well and am now a Susanne Winnacker fangirl for sure! How awesome wast he romance in this one? I’m a sucker for the friends-to-lovers setup, and there was just so much tension between Tessa and Alec. *dies just thinking about it* I need book 2 asap:)

  2. This sounds like a really cool book. I like the premise of it, and you really loved it so I might have to give it a try!!

  3. I was so frustrated with the romance in this one. I’m wondering if a triangle is on the way though. Had fun with this one too. Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Jen @ YA Romantics
    Jul 4, 2013

    I enjoyed this one too. The romantic situation was … complicated is one way to put it!
    Thanks so much for stopping by! Jen @ YA Romantics

  5. I’ve been wanting to read this one for months. It’s on my TBR list somewhere and hopefully I can get to it soon. Great review, so glad it’s as awesome as I was anticipating!

  6. Adriana D.
    Jul 4, 2013

    It’s great that you loved this book. I have it on my wishlist and I was waiting for some reviews to know more about this book.

    I love the plot and it’s sound really amazing. I can’t wait to start reading now!

  7. Farah
    Jul 5, 2013

    I totally agree with you!! I was very surprised of how good this one was too!! I’m glad you were able to love it as well! Great review!
    – Farah @ MajiBookshelf