Review: Hidden

Jun •  23 •  2013
Review: HiddenHidden by Marianne Curley
Published by Bloomsbury USA Childrens on June 25, 2013
Genres: Young Adult- Fantasy/ Paranormal
Source: FTC: Exchange for honest opinion, Netgalley
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For as long as Ebony can remember, she's been sheltered. Confined to her home in a secluded valley, home-schooled by her protective parents, and limited to a small circle of close friends. It's as if she's being hidden. But something is changing in Ebony. Something that can't be concealed. She's growing more beautiful by the day, she's freakishly strong, and then there's the fact that she's glowing.

On one fateful night, Ebony meets Jordan and she's intensely drawn to him. It's as if something explodes inside of her--something that can be seen from the heavens. Ebony still doesn't know that she's a stolen angel, but now that the heavens have found her, they want her back.

I know I have said this repeatedly in the past about how much I adore angel books but it is true and whenever I get the chance to read one, my heart stops for a little bit and I wonder what the book will bring to me. Marianne Curley captured me with an angel story that brought originality and a story that seemed to stand out among the rest.

Plot: Like I said the story showed individuality in the sense that I haven’t read a story like this. The originality the story had I feel is connected with the plot of the story in which the story was able to flow with clarity. One could say that the story propelled itself through the many chapters in which there was action, adventure, love, and above all angels.

Characters: I liked how the story was a split between the two main character points of views. With this we were able to feel the emotion each of the characters was going through when they were pressed to their limit. One must always be careful when writing multiple viewpoints but I feel that Marianne Curley did it justice.  Ebony for me was a girl that was head strong but was kept under the radar from everything. By the end of the story she grows into a magnificent character that shows a new light of maturity. On the other hand, Jordan I feel still has a long way to go. Yes he is willing to go the distance and protect the people he cares about but there are still times when he shows he is vulnerable and bends a little to the wrong side of the battle which could prove to be dangerous.

Romance: At first I wasn’t thinking there was going to be somewhat of a love triangle but we start to see something arise. We still don’t know where it is going to lead but like all love triangles it will probably not end well. I am happy for Ebony at the end when she gets with a person who we assume she was destined to be with but on the other half I have to feel regret for Jordan who was kind of left on the outside looking in.

End: This book ends beautifully making the reader want more. Ending with a scene that can bring danger to not only Jordan or Ebony, I will be keeping my eyes out for the next book in the series.

Marianne Curley writes a thrilling fast-paced novel that will give the reader wings and take them on a journey that will be sure to capture their minds. Just plain angelic, Marianne Curley is one author I will be sure to remember.

I give it 4 bites!





  1. Amy @ Book Loving Mom
    Jun 24, 2013

    I’m glad that you really liked this one. I’m not a huge angel book fan, but this sounds like one I might enjoy. Great review!

  2. Hm… I might have to try this one. For me it seems that angel books are either hit or miss…