Review: Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper

Oct •  14 •  2014

I received this book for free from Author, FTC: Exchange for honest opinion in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: Ellie Jordan, Ghost TrapperEllie Jordan, Ghost Trapper by J.L. Bryan
Series: Ellie Jordan,
Published by Self-Published on September 19th 2014
Genres: Young Adult- Supernatural/Paranormal
Source: Author, FTC: Exchange for honest opinion

Ellie Jordan’s job is to catch and remove unwanted ghosts. Part detective, part paranormal exterminator, Ellie operates out of Savannah, Georgia, one of the oldest and most haunted cities in North America.

When a family contacts her to deal with a disturbing presence in the old mansion they’ve recently purchased, Ellie first believes it to be a typical, by-the-book specter, a residual haunting by a restless spirit. Instead, she finds herself confronting an evil older and more powerful than she’d ever expected, rooted in the house’s long and sordid history of luxury, sin, and murder. The dangerous entity seems particularly interested in her clients’ ten-year-old daughter.

Soon her own life is in danger, and Ellie must find a way to exorcise the darkness of the house before it can kill her, her clients, or their frightened young child.

Hooray for awesome ghost stories. I feel like I’m on a roll finding all these awesome reads for my favorite holiday, Halloween.

Plot: If you love Ghost Hunters (the tv show) then you will love this story. I honestly felt like I was in a mix of Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Witness. These are shows I like to binge watch on Netflix. This story follows Ellie who traps ghost for a living. She visits this really haunted house to only discover that is dealing with something a lot darker than what she suspected. The plot is nicely paced with great action.

Ghosts/History: I really loved how detailed these parts of the story were. I love to follow Ellie, break into abandoned haunted places and find answers. The searching at the the library, finding old photos, all felt like I was on a mission myself. The history of the ghosts and what really happened is really neat.

Ending: The ending is nicely written with a few minor changes to the story. I’m certainly interested in the young psychic who can see the ghost. I think he adds a great element to the story. I’m anxious to see what he will bring in Ellie’s life. Maybe a love interest? Well see. The extra changes at the end of the story only make the story much more fulfilling, leaving the door open for more stories.

Verdict: I want more! I can’t wait to go on more adventures with Ellie and her crew. Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper is an compelling  yet excellent story. Engaging the readers from the first page, Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper is an success!

I give it 5 BITES!


Happy Reading!


  1. Sarah
    Oct 14, 2014

    this one sounds really good. Adding it to my TBR list now 🙂

    Midwest Darling

  2. Kate @ Ex Libris
    Oct 14, 2014

    I need to check this out – I love ghost hunting stories!

  3. Candace
    Oct 14, 2014

    I love ghost hunter anything! I definitely need to read this!

  4. This is perfect for me. I love those shows and I’ve been curious about this one now!

  5. Lacey
    Oct 15, 2014

    Sounds great. It is hard to find the good indie books since most bloggers don’t focus on self published. I might have to check this one out.

  6. Wendy Darling
    Oct 17, 2014

    Ooo, I love good ghost stories! 5 stars for a self-pubbed book is awesome, too.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden