Review: Elegy

May •  18 •  2013

Being in a relationship with a ghost is something that I could see someone post on facebook as “it’s complicated.” This story just exemplifies that idea but the love that these two characters show throughout the book is something that makes me think that I could be possibly wrong.

  1. Plot: This book was such a fast read and I give it all to the plot. An adventure that was action packed and made me wonder what could happen next. Each chapter was magnificently crafted into allowing the reader to flow through the story where we come face to face with adventure, terror, and love.
  2. Characters: Amelia and Joshua have proven me wrong countless times that their love cannot last. They pushed past everything and shown that they are willing to do anything to be together, even if it means losing people they love. In this book a lot more characters are seen and the Seers from different covens enter the battle now with the demons from the Netherworld.
  3. Love: I think love is an important topic that presents itself throughout all three books and we can see that love conquers all. Love is something that cannot be destroyed and anyone would do anything for the ones they love.
  4. End: I am going to tell the truth here and say that I did cry. The ending was something I was expecting but I was hoping that it would never happen. The ending was what I would say simple and sweet, which leaves the reader satisfied with the events that took place.

Overall Tara Hudson writes a brilliant masterpiece of a story and breaks it down into a three parts which take hold of the reader more with every part. Beautifully Haunting, Elegy is a book one must not pass up.




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  1. I still have to read the rest of these. I have to admit, I wasn’t rooting for them to be together in the first book. I think “it’s complicated” would be the light way of putting it. LOL Great line, btw. 😀