Review: Dream Dark

Aug •  20 •  2015
Review: Dream DarkDream Dark: A Beautiful Creatures Story by Kami GarciaMargaret Stohl
Published by Little Brown on August 20, 2015
Genres: Young Adult- Fantasy/ Paranormal
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When Link joined his best friend, Ethan Wate, on a quest through a mysterious network of underground passageways endlessly crisscrossing the South, he knew the journey would be dangerous. But returning home to Gatlin, South Carolina was just the beginning...Wounded during a climactic battle, Link discovers that tending his injuries won't be as simple as visiting a doctor and that healing his arm should be the least of his worries. For being bitten by a Supernatural does more than break the skin -- it changes a person, inside and out, turning Link into someone more and more like the dark creature who injured him.

So I am not going to lie but I was expecting it to be just a little bit longer. Well at least by looking at what page I finished the book on my nook at, I was expecting a little bit more but I could have actually read more.

However, I like being able to read from another character’s perspective. I feel that when we are able to do this, we are able to see what is happening from not only a different side of it but also get a different opinion sometimes. And I am glad that we are able to get a side from Link’s journey.

Link is Ethan’s best friend who kind of gets involved with the whole situation going on with Lena and evil trying to take over, and all that good vs. evil randomness that we all know so well. However, things take a turn when Link is bit by a hybrid that turns Link into an incubus. So in this short novella, we are transported into Link’s mind as we begin to understand some changes that are happening with him.

We get a little glimpse of his somewhat of a relationship with Ridley after her powers are taken from her as well as the darkness inside of her. We see the tension build up between them and so I am interested to see where this leads in the books to follow.

Overall, this proved exciting and the end left you wondering even more about what events will come that will lead to the message Link hears.

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