Review: Crushed

Nov •  26 •  2011


I really enjoyed this book cause of the mixture of witches and mean girls. I loved the idea of mean girls playing games and abusing their powers. The way thew gang up on the little sister and shut her down. This book lived up to my every expectation of it. I’m really excited to get into the next book!
The reader’s attention is brought to these three sisters messing with magic that they shouldn’t be messing with. They have rules, timing, and certain boys that can play. I like that these sisters are sisterly but very mean. They all want to be on top but stand tall for each other. It’s a little weird but I can understand. I like that the plot was filled with dark parts and mysterious ones.
The love interest of the book plays out better than what I expected. There were many twist and surprises that I had not seen coming. I took delight in the taking of the boys unknowingly. And the things these girls made them do was funny and sometimes dangerous. I adored the way the love interest unfolded. Zach is a mysterious bad boy with some secrets up his selves as well. That made my mouth drop a little. Not to mention, he is HOT!
If you want a great book of magic, popularity, and magic read this book. You will adore the bad boy Zach, see the envy of the sisters and learn that dark magic just creeps around the corner.
I give it 5 BITES!
Happy Reading!


  1. Shellie
    Nov 26, 2011

    Oh wow, this sounds like another good one! Thanks for the review!

  2. Another book I haven’t heard of. You do find the gems!! I love that!