Review: A New Darkness

Jan •  5 •  2015

I received this book for free from FTC: Exchange for honest opinion, Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: A New DarknessA New Darkness by Joseph Delaney
Published by Greenwillow Books on September 2nd 2014
Genres: Young Adult- Supernatural/Paranormal
Source: FTC: Exchange for honest opinion, Publisher

A chilling new trilogy from the author of the internationally bestselling The Last Apprentice series! Tom Ward is an apprentice no longer—now he is a fully fledged spook battling boggarts, witches, and other creatures of the dark. This three-book arc will introduce brand-new readers to Joseph Delaney’s haunting world, and delight longtime fans.

Tom Ward is the spook, the one person who can defend the county from ghosts, ghasts, boggarts, witches, and other bloodthirsty creatures of the dark. But he’s only seventeen, and his apprenticeship was cut short when his master died in battle. No one trusts Tom’s skill, not till he’s proven himself. And a fifteen-year-old girl named Jenny knows more about the three mysterious deaths in the county than Tom does. She is a seventh daughter of a seventh daughter and she wants to be Tom’s first apprentice—even though a female spook is unheard of. Together, Tom and Jenny will uncover the grave danger heading straight toward the county, and they’ll team up with a witch assassin to confront it.

A New Darkness begins a three-book series that will introduce new readers to Joseph Delaney’s deliciously scary imagination and delight his longtime fans. A New Darkness is perfect for every reader who loves thrills, chills, action, and adventure-no prior knowledge of the Last Apprentice series necessary!

The Last Apprentice series, the first internationally bestselling series about Tom Ward, is soon to be a major motion picture, Seventh Son, starring Jeff Bridges, Ben Barnes, Alicia Vikander, Kit Harington, Olivia Williams, Antje Traue, Djimon Hounsou, and Julianne Moore as Mother Malkin.

 I read this book because I have always been fascinated with the seventh son of a seventh son. I remember watching a few movies regarding this scenario that I really wanted to give it a try. I also enjoy fantasy, so this book was definitely for me.

Plot: This is about an apprentice to begins to apprentice a seventh daughter of a seventh daughter. Because of her heritage, she had powers. The apprenticeship is quite detailed so the reader can get into the story rather quickly. If you enjoy all things witches, spooks, magic then you will really enjoy this story.

Tom/Jenny: I have to say that one aspect I really enjoy was their relationship. At first, Tom is really mean and even blows off Jenny as nothing. Jenny is a strong willed girl, fighting her way to an apprenticeships. When she wants something she goes after it. I rooted for her because I loved her determination to make something of herself when others, including Tom, told her she couldn’t. Tom is nice guy who I think can learn a lot from Jenny. Well, they can both learn a lot from each other. They have a very good and open friendship but I am hoping that maybe something more will happen between them. They do get into each other faces a lot and it would be neat to see they confront their feelings.

Ending: The ending is quite good and leaves the door open for plenty of more adventures. I can’t wait to see where the story goes to next.

A New Darkness entales a great adventure of fantasy and magic. Nicely written, A New Darkness is great.

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  1. Jenny
    Jan 7, 2015

    Glad this was a solid read for you Savy! It’s nice there was no epic cliffhanger either despite the door being left open for future books. Cliffhangers have started giving me a nervous tic 😉

  2. Oh this sounds good ! I really love the sound of the character Jenny and I love that there is no cliffie! YES! I really hate cliffies. 🙂

  3. Candace
    Jan 7, 2015

    I hadn’t heard of this one but I have heard of the others by this author and even started the first on audiobook at one point. I’m glad this was a win for you!

  4. Amy @ Xpresso Reads
    Jan 7, 2015

    I hadn’t heard of this book, but it sounds really good. Thanks for the fabulous review. I will have to add this to my TBR list. Jenny sounds like a fantastic character. I love that they have a good friendship and that the book wasn’t quick to jump into romance unnecessarily.

  5. Jen @ YA Romantics
    Jan 8, 2015

    I passed this one up but I have to admit, it sounds really interesting! Thanks for the review.