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Nov •  27 •  2015
by Parker Blue
Genres: Young Adult- Supernatural/Paranormal
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Hello everyone! I have an amazing interview for you! I adore the Demons Underground series and guess what? I scored an interview with the hellhound Fang!

Fang Face

BWB: Hello Fang and welcome! I’m so excited to have this interview with you! So along the series, you and Val have had plenty of adventures. Is there anything you wish you could’ve done differently?

FANG: Yeah, I wish I hadn’t fallen for that trick where Val locked me in a car to keep me safe. Keep me safe? Ha! I keep her safe. I think she learned her lesson, though. She won’t do that again.

BWB: Tell me three things you wish people would know about Hellhounds?


  1. Full-blooded hellhounds are about a hundred fifty pounds of mean in a scary package. Part-hellhounds like me have canine ancestors to add some chill and cute to the mix. We’re the best of both worlds.
  2. We need to bond with humans to reach our maximum potential. Humans who are part demon are best ’cause we can actually talk to them and keep them in line. Plus, their hands are very useful to, you know, open things and pet us.
  3. Don’t feed us dog food. Blech. With our constitution, we can thrive on anything we eat. Especially pizza. Yeah, feed us pizza.

BWB: Since you are always traveling with Val, what has been your favorite place to visit and why?

FANG: Pizza Hut. Oh, you mean outside San Antonio? Okay, I like anyplace I’ve never been before. Hard to travel far on four feet since they won’t give me a driver’s license or credit card. So when I get to go anywhere else, I’m in hellhound heaven. Val keeps promising me a road trip through the Southwest. Maybe someday we’ll get to go.

BWB: Now that you are a father, does that change your perspective on what Val does? (By this I mean, acting more protective over Val in situations)

FANG: Can’t say that it has. I do worry about the hellpuppies when I’m with Val and vice versa. They all need me to help protect them. I’m gonna have to train the rug rats soon so they can protect themselves.

BWB: Fang, can you please give us some clues on what adventures you and Val will be going onto next?

FANG: Well, it’ll soon be time to train the pups and help them find their own part-demon companions. Since we still have to track down and eliminate Zachary, the rogue vampire leader who caused so much damage in CATCH ME, that’ll be a great training opportunity.

Thank you Fang for being here today.

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Parker Blue lives in Colorado Springs with three rescue dogs, one of whom resembles her favorite character, Fang, the snarky hellhound.

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